Fee Brothers

Tenzing Coupe Cocktail: Dark Sea by Becky Barnhart

3 oz Iwate Kura Bakushu Oyster Stout
3/4 oz Parce Rum 8yr
1/4 oz B.G. Reynolds Hand-Crafted Syrups Vanilla
1/4 oz B.G. Reynolds Hand-Crafted Syrups Orgeat
2 dashes Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate bitters
1 egg white

Pour beer into a coup
Shake rum, syrups, bitters and egg white. Pour over beer. Garnish with a split vanilla bean and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Tenzing Coupe Cocktail: The Cold Stare by Peter Vestinos.

In a pint glass add:

1 dash Fee Brothers walnut bitters
2 dashes Bar Keep Chinese Spice, Bitters
.75 oz La Colombe Pure Black Cold Brewed Coffee, cold
.25 oz St George Raspberry Liqueur
.50 oz Luxardo Abano Amaro
1.5 oz Pierde Almas Puritita Verda Mezcal

-Fill with ice and stir 20 times, careful not to over dilute.
- Strain into a chilled Footed Rocks Glass
- Squeeze and orange peel across the top once, discard
- Float one espresso bean

Tenzing Coupe Cocktail: Susi, Suzette, Susana by Rachael Thompson.

.5oz Varnelli Amaro Sibilla
.5oz- Suze
1.5 oz Anchor Distilling Genevieve
Dash Fees Cherry bitters

Rinse a coupe glass with St. George Absinthe.
Build other ingredients in mixing glass, being sure to go on the skinny side of the measurement with the Suze. Stir and strain into the absinthe-rinsed coupe. Garnish with a Luxardo cherry and freshly expressed lemon zest.