BG Reynolds

Tenzing Coupe Cocktail: Dark Sea by Becky Barnhart

3 oz Iwate Kura Bakushu Oyster Stout
3/4 oz Parce Rum 8yr
1/4 oz B.G. Reynolds Hand-Crafted Syrups Vanilla
1/4 oz B.G. Reynolds Hand-Crafted Syrups Orgeat
2 dashes Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate bitters
1 egg white

Pour beer into a coup
Shake rum, syrups, bitters and egg white. Pour over beer. Garnish with a split vanilla bean and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Tenzing Coupe Cocktail: The Fairest by Matthew Hunnel

2 oz Chicago Distilling Shorty's White Whiskey
.75 oz B.G. Reynolds Hand Crafted Vanilla Syrup
4 dashes Bar Keep Organic Lavender Bitters
2 dashes Bar Keep Organic Vanilla BItters
1 sprits of St. George Absinthe (Through an atomizer)
1 sprig of lavender (Bloom not necessary, but ideal)

Combine whiskey, syrup and bitters in mixing glass, then ice and stir.  Spray lavender sprig with St. George Absinthe, swath coupe with sprig and leave for garnish.  Strain mixture over garnish.

2014 Winner of The Tenzing Coupe Cocktail: The Autumnai Daiquiri by Annemarie Sagoi

1.5 oz Clement Rhum Agricole Select Barrel
.5 oz lemon juice
.5 oz Umenoyado Yuzu Sake
.5 B.G. Reynolds Falernum
.5 oz Imbue Petal and Thorn vermouth
.25 Barsol Perfecto Amor
6 drops Bittered Sling Crabapple bitters

Annemarie Sagoi (center) receiving the First Annual Tenzing Coupe award.