Imbue Vermouth

Tenzing Coupe Cocktail: The Prelude by Jon Clark

1 oz St George Terroir gin
1 oz King's Ginger
3/4 oz Imbue vermouth

St George Absinthe Verte for glass wash
Ginger, razer thin slice, for garnish

Combine first three ingredients and stir until cold and dilution brings everything into balance.

Pour into rocks glass washed with absinthe. Garnish with ginger

Tenzing Coupe Cocktail: The Mise a feu punch by Carlos Julian

2 oz. Canne bleue
.75 oz. Imbue petal & thorn vermouth
.75 oz. grapefruit juice
.5 oz. lime juice
.5 oz. chareau  aloe liqueur
1 barspoon D'aristi  xtabentum honey liqueur
1 barspoon  Demerara syrup
1 dash bitter truth chocolate

Assembly : combine all the ingredients in a shaker thin , add ice and shake it like a legend , pour into a nice vessel and add ice .

1-slice of pitalla
1- slice of ate de guallava
St George abssinthe mist

2014 Winner of The Tenzing Coupe Cocktail: The Autumnai Daiquiri by Annemarie Sagoi

1.5 oz Clement Rhum Agricole Select Barrel
.5 oz lemon juice
.5 oz Umenoyado Yuzu Sake
.5 B.G. Reynolds Falernum
.5 oz Imbue Petal and Thorn vermouth
.25 Barsol Perfecto Amor
6 drops Bittered Sling Crabapple bitters

Annemarie Sagoi (center) receiving the First Annual Tenzing Coupe award.