Video of Winegrowing in Burgundy, an artisanal trade: The People and the Vines

This video created by the Vins de Bourgogne BIVB shows the life of the vine from December through August, right before the harvest. Using time lapses, you get to experience the growth of the vine and the work that happens in the vineyard. A must for education.

Pruning: This chilly operation happens in December and usually done by hand.

Plowing: Either done by horse or tractor, the objective is the same, to help aerate the earth and cover the vines to protect from the cold during the winter months.

Cane training and shoot positioning: This is the work done before the vine begins to grow all the limbs and vegetation. It’s important to remove additional canes from the previous year and position the shoots for the buds to grow.

Weeding in the spring helps avoid pests and disease in the vineyards.

Spraying can help avoid molds and fungal diseases during humid and hot spring weather.

Veraison is the period when grapes begin to change color and ripen the sugars.

Deleafing and cutting vegetation helps control yields, vigor and aerate the vineyard. It can also help expose the ripening grapes to the sunshine.

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