List of the 40 Semi-finalists of The Tenzing Coupe Cocktail Competition


Congratulations to the Semi-finalists of The Tenzing Coupe Cocktail Competition. This year there were over 150 submissions. Hospitality 201, which is officiating the competition, reviewed every cocktail recipe and have confirmed the semi-finalists. 

This Monday, September 16th the following bartenders will recreate their cocktails and submit to an expert group of judges from the industry.  Come and cheer them on between 12- 4pm/

  1. Richard Beltzer from Bad Hunter-

  2. Emily deKanter from Aba

  3. Mike Treffehn from Larry’s

  4. Jenee Craver from Sable

  5. Wesley James from Range

  6. Jill Anderson from The Drifter

  7. Aren Bellando from Women’s Athletic Club

  8. Ken Lehnhard from Funkenhausen

  9. Brandon Spann from Bassment

  10. Rodrigo Serrano, independent consultant

  11. Netzale Matias from Politan Row

  12. Ricardo from Blackbull/ Bordel

  13. Mackenzie Heinze from Old Irving Brewery

  14. Camren Ward from Dutch and Docs

  15. Caleb from Bad Hunter

  16. Josue Mancero from Presence Marketing

  17. Sam Lyden from Boeufhaus and Cindy’s

  18. A.J. Dixon from Nico Osteria-

  19. Nathan Kilthorne fom Love Street

  20. Marilia Pieretti from Joe’s Imports

  21. Eric McMillan from Peckish Pig

  22. Santiago Cobar from Aviary

  23. Chris Krutz- The Kitchen Bistro

  24. Drew Schmidtke from Stone Fox

  25. Janek Evans from Peckish Pig

  26. Nico Antunes from 80 Proof

  27. Leo Chappell from Lost Larson

  28. Lance Bowman from Monnie Burke’s

  29. Ryan Hoffman from Etta

  30. R. Alexander Bell from Aviary

  31. Eric Bryda from The Smith

  32. Mateusz Khunke from Conrad/ Baptiste and Bottle

  33. Brittany Johnson form Old Irving Brewery

  34. Jef Tate from Janitor’s Closet

  35. Juan Morales from Vajra

  36. Allassandra Ventola from The Madison Bar

  37. Leah Schoenburg form Flora Fauna

  38. Sebastian Ignaciuk, independent consultant

  39. Drake Newnum from Music Box Theatre

  40. Brit Simons from Bad Hunter 

About The Tenzing Coupe


➢ First Place: $3500 and 1 bottle of winner’s choice from the Tenzing portfolio. (Must not exceed $500 value)

➢ Second Place: $1000

➢ Third Place: $500


All cocktail recipes must be submitted by Monday, September, 2nd at midnight. Cocktails can be submitted through this application link.

Any submissions received after midnight will not be considered to compete.


  1. All spirits, wines, sake, or alcoholic beverages used must come from the Tenzing Wine & Spirits portfolio. These Tenzing products will be provided for competitors on the day of the competition.

  2. No homemade ingredients are allowed. Bitters, syrups, tonics and flavored sodas must come from the Tenzing Wine & Spirits portfolio.

  3. Competitors must bring all of their own tools. This includes but is not limited to: shakers, jiggers, strainers, tea strainers, pour spouts, syrup bottles, bitters, decanters, glassware, small wares, straws, etc.

  4. Juices, raw ingredients, fruit and herbs are allowed but will not be provided. Lemon and Lime Juice will be provided for you. Competitors are responsible for all ingredients not listed as part of the Tenzing Wine & Spirits portfolio.

  5. Competitors should bring enough ingredients, juices, glassware and garnishes to produce 4 cocktails (2 for judges, 2 for photographs).

  6. Competitors must provide their own glassware.

  7. Garnishes can be prepared before the competition.

  8. Cocktail must be named. No lewd, suggestive or inappropriate cocktail names. 

  9. Absolutely no fire or open flame can be used in the execution of the cocktail.

  10. Each competitor will have access to a standard 120V electrical outlet for the cocktail production. Use of the outlet must be specified in cocktail description.

  11. Cocktail submissions will be tasted and reviewed blindly.

  12. 40 competitors selected to compete will be notified on September 6th, 2019.

  13. Must be 21+ to enter.


  1. All judging will be executed blindly.

  2. Judges will consist of certified cicerones, certified sommeliers, cocktail industry professionals, food/drink media members, chefs, and cocktail enthusiasts.

  3. Competitors must make 2 of their selected cocktail. One will be reviewed by the judges; the other will be used for photographs.

  4. Each contestant will have 5 minutes to execute 2 of their selected cocktail.

  5. There will be 8 heats of 5 competitors.

  6. Each competitor will have an assigned presentation time. Assigned times will be chosen at random.

  7. There will be 3 rounds of judging:



➢  Presentation (garnish, glassware, and cocktail name) 10 pts

➢  Taste (aroma, flavor, and balance)  20 pts

➢  The ten contestants with the highest total points will make their cocktail again in the finals.



Tenzing provides a space to work on your cocktails at the Tenzing Bar at 165 N. Morgan St. Stay tuned for information on dates when the Tenzing Team will be hanging out in the lab to assist with all of your R&D needs!



Please email all queries to



The competition is organized by Hospitality 201, LLC and sponsored by Tenzing Wine & Spirits.