List of Semi-finalists for 2017 #TheTenzingCoupe Cocktail competition

Congratulations to the Semi-finalists of The Tenzing Coupe Cocktail Competition. This year there were over 150 submissions. The Dogma Group, which is officiating the competition, reviewed every cocktail recipe and have confirmed the semi-finalists. 

This Monday, September 25th the following bartenders will recreate their cocktails and submit to an expert group of judges from the industry. 


Aimee Haraf -Violet Hour

Anastasia Sasewich-Boleo

Christian Hetter-The Berkshire Room

Danielle Lewis-GT Fish and Oyster, GT Prime

David Mor-Cindy's Rooftop

Derek Mercer-Blackbird

Don Mallory-RPM Italian

DrewDemaria - Boka

Ed Hong - Prairie School | Celeste

Emily Burns -City Mouse at Ace Hotel

James Knittle - Green Zebra Restaurant

James Urycki - Travelle Kitchen & Bar (Langham Hotel Chicago)

Janek Evans - Peckish Pig

Javier Arroyo - CH distillery / The Aviary

Jess Keene - Sable Kitchen &  Bar / Elixir Andersonville

Jessica Lambert - Vol.39/Boleo at The Gray Hotel 

Jill Anderson- The Drifter 

Justin Kaderabek - Monteverde

Katie Hackmeister - Osteria Langhe

Kayt Free - J9 Wine Bar

Kevin Beary - Three Dots and A Dash

Kevin Hillis - Steak+Vine

Lance Bowman - Folk Art Group

Luke Mockaitis - The Drinkingbird

Michael Simon - Katana 

Morgan Gabriellson - J9 Wine Bar

Nco Antunes - Lunatic, the lover & the poet

Nikki Frank - The Florentine

Pablo Madrigal - The Bristol

Ryan Olsson - North Pond

Sam Lyden - Presidio

Sam Wolf - The Barrelhouse Flat

Sarah Schmitt - Avec and Rhine Hall Distillery

Sarah Walters - Leviathan

Scott Kitsmiller- Bad Hunter 

Sean Stevens - Boka

Stephanie Andrews - Billy Sunday 

Tim Hollingsworth - The Robey

Vinny Haddad - Girl & The Goat

Wei-Han Hu - The Drifter


About the Coupe

The competition is organized by The Dogma Group, LLC and sponsored by Tenzing Wine & Spirits.

First Place: $3500
Second Place: $1000
Third Place: $500

When: Monday, September 25th, 2017 - 11:00pm-4:00pm

Where: Tenzing Wine and Spirits Basecamp 165 N Morgan St. Chicago, IL


1. All cocktail recipes must be submitted by Monday Sept. 11th by 12:00 am through the application link provided on

2. Each contestant can submit up to 2 cocktails but only one cocktail can qualify.

3. All spirits, wines, sake, or alcoholic beverages used in the production of cocktails must come from the Tenzing Wine & Spirits portfolio. These Tenzing products will be provided for competitors on the day of the competition.

4. No homemade ingredients are allowed. Bitters, syrups, tonics and flavored sodas need to come from the Tenzing Wine & Spirits portfolio.

5. Juices, raw ingredients, fruit and herbs are allowed but will not be provided. Competitors are responsible for all ingredients that are not a part of the Tenzing Wine & Spirits portfolio.

6. Organizers will provide the following stock syrup items:

• 1:1 Simple Syrup (White Sugar; uncooked)
• 2:1 Rich Simple Syrup (white sugar; uncooked)
• 2:1 Agave Syrup (Light Amber)
• 3:1 Honey Syrup (Clover)

• All stock syrups will be available to taste at scheduled Tenzing Coupe Bar Labs

7. Competitors should bring enough ingredients, juices and garnishes to produce at least 4 complete cocktails (2 for competition, 2 for back-up)

8. Competitors must provide their own glassware.

9. All garnishes edible (or inedible) must fit in or on a cocktail glass. All garnishes must be provided by competitors.

10. Garnishes can be prepared before the contest. All garnishes must be provided by the competitors.

11. Each cocktail must be named. No lewd cocktail names.

12. No fire can be used in the execution of a cocktail.

13. Each competitors will have access to a standard 120V electrical outlet for cocktail production. Use of the outlet must be specified in recipe submission.

14. Cocktail submissions will be tasted and reviewed blindly.

15. 40 competitors will be selected to compete and will be notified on September 18th

16. Questions on rules can be sent directly to