Demerara Rum. The 151 from Lemon Hart & Son, Single Estate Distillery.

Born in 1768, Lehmynn Hart inherited the spirits business his grandfather started in 1720. In the late 18th century, he was appointed one of the first rum suppliers to the Royal Navy after the Royal Navy began blending rum as part of the sailors daily ration. In 1804, the Lemon Hart Rum Company was established in London near the London Docks. Today, it is one of the most respected producers in the world.

Distilled in Guyana from fermented molasses, Lemon Hart 151 is a caramel-colored, aged, overproof rum used in many tiki cocktails. Heavier than El Dorado's 151 clear, High Strength Rum, Lemon Hart 151 isn't for the casual drinker.

Hints of burnt caramel, dark fruit and ripe banana are a preview to the heavy, complex taste with layers of cinnamon, dark raisin, dried apricot and baked apples. Best used in moderation as a float in cocktails.

A true Legend in overproof rums, Lemon Hart 151, is the "Gold Standard" sought after and coveted by rum enthusiasts worldwide. Many rum aficionados believe that there simply is no substitute for Lemon Hart 151.

Lemon Hart 151 (75.5% abv) is blended to exacting standards from an age-old recipe of select high proof Demerara rums.  The epitome of an exceptional rum, Lemon Hart 151 is best used as a float in drinks and signature cocktails alike, and is called for by name in many of Trader Vic's and Don the Beachcomber's classic drinks recipes.  Rum always.


Hues of deep rich amber and mahogany sing through its crystal clear clarity. Perfectly balanced, round, smooth and velvety. Exceptional complexity over gentle oak with enticing hints of raw brown sugar, dried fruits, burnt caramel, exotic spices, vanilla and baked apples. Warm, lingering, complex and smooth finish.