5 wines and 5 spirits to kickoff your Super Bowl Sunday.


Super Bowl Sunday is fast-approaching and it’s time to share hours of television with friends and family. Cultural phenomenon commercials, replays, time-outs and an over-the-top half time show. Spreads of appetizers and fully stocked bars are awaiting to be devoured by cheering fans and people that just want to have fun watching football.

The most popular Super bowl foods are pizza and chicken wings, however the most eaten are raw vegetables, said Harry Blazer, a chief food analyst for NPD.

“Baby carrots and vegetable trays are most eaten” Huh?

Some further statistics.

Average Americans will consume 2,400 calories during the game

  • 1.25 billion chicken wings eaten, roughly two chickens per American
  • 12 Tons of nachos
  • 11.2 Million pounds of Potato chips

So what are people drinking?

49.2 Million cases of beer are sold on the day of the big game.

While beer has always been the populous favorite, wine and cocktails are increasing their share.

We have a list of 5 wines and spirits to look forward to during the longest four quarters of the year. Easy drinking, crowd pleasers.



1.     Frank Family Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

Frank Family Vineyards was named 2012 Winery by the Year from the Connoisseurs' Guide to California Wines.  Deep purple in color. On the nose, the glass bursts
with aromas of cocoa powder mingled with blackberries and vanilla. On the palate, flavors of juicy cherries and roasted figs prevail. The velvety tannins are wonderfully polished yet youthful with lasting grip. 

2.     Champagne Philippe Gonet

Enjoy its fresh nose of ripe yellow fruit with a slightly toasted note. On the palate it is generous and proves itself to be a perfectly proportioned blend of reserve wine. The Chardonnay steps in to give the champagne an airy flare. The fruit of its nose is reflected on the palate to lead to a full-bodied wine finish. A distinctive, balanced champagne for elegant dinners.


3.     COS Frappato

The grape variety Frappato has been around on the island of Sicily quite a while and it is often blended with Nero d'Avola, today frequently disappearing into Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Sicily's first DOCG wine. This wine is unoaked, half of it fermented in 400-liter clay jars and rest in concrete. Juicy fruit, light in tannins, this is deliciously easy to drink. 

4.     Chateauneuf du Pape

Founded in 1451, Domaine de la Solitude is now in is sixth century of operation. This grenache-based wine is full bodied, full of warmth and yummy goodness. Perfect for a cold day. Goes well with strong foods, chili, cheese, meats, bbq. This wine will be done before the 1st quarter ends.


5.     Mano a Mano

For the budget conscious, this Spanish wine over delivers on value. Average price is just under $10, the Mano a Mano Tempranillo is easy on the wallet and mind. You can guarantee that your guests will enjoy every glass. Fresh fruit, clean, smooth flavors and medium bodied.



1.     Hirsch Bourbon

Hirsch Selection Small Batch Reserve is a Kentucky straight bourbon that has been aged in new, charred American oak barrels for at least four years and is bottled at 92 proof.

With no added coloring or flavoring, Hirsch Small Batch Reserve is the quintessential American spirit. Its oaky, savory aroma and notes of dried fruit, dates and maple make it both well-balanced and complex.

2.     St George Chile & CH Peppercorn

Pimp the bloody mary bar. This vodka will add flare to your cocktail. The chile flavor is fresh, sweet, and bright—with just enough capsicum punch to make sure that you know we crushed tens of thousands of pounds of green jalapenos to make it.

3.     El Dorado dark Rum

A sophisticated and versatile Dark Rum mixer
This award-winning lightly aged rum has the smooth strength and full bodied taste to appeal equally to both the traditional rum drinker and today’s young adventurous breed of rum discoverers – afloat or ashore.

4.     Journeyman bilberry black hearts Gin

Juniper, bilberries and seven other botanicals are macerated and soaked in a 100% organic wheat base spirit overnight. The next day the base spirit, by now full of flavor from the botanicals, enters the still and is distilled into a refined gin. The definition of small batch, each gin run produces less than ten gallons of distillate. Bilberry Black Hearts Gin is clean, bright, and fruity with subtle hints of black licorice.

5.     Fluid Dynamics prepared cocktails

A person making a distilled spirit by hand gets to know that spirit very well: the contribution of each ingredient, the spirit’s flavors & aromas, how the spirit ages in an oak barrel. Fluid dynamics recipes take months to develop: experimenting with blends, aging them, making tiny adjustments, trying to imagine what further aging would create….

Classic cocktails from craft-method spirits, blended & aged in the Germain-Robin brandy cellars.