New arrival. Mezcal Siete Misterios.

Tenzing has a added a brand new Mezcal producer to our portfolio. This fast-growing category of spirits is getting better and better. We like to add depth and variety to the options available and the addition of Siete Misterios is perfect. 

Siete Misterios produce a range of Mezcales, each one distilled from a single variety of agave.  The agave are harvested at between 7-9 years of age, the outer leaves removed, and the hearts (pinas) roasted in a pit over a wood fire.  The pinas sit on river stones and then are topped with Maguey leaves and earth to seal everything in.  After approximately 72hrs the pinas are removed and ground using a horse-drawn mill and a series of hammer-like contraptions.  Fermentation takes place next in wooden vats for between 2-3 days before being distilled in copper and clay stills.

All of their products share the following key features:

• Young mezcal of varying alcoholic content, which indicates that there is no artificial adjustment.

• For the distillation of our mezcal, we only use 100% natural agave sugars that come from ripe plants.

• The production techniques are only traditional: cooking in underground ovens, manual grinding using wooden mallets, natural fermentation with no chemical agents added, and a double distillation in locally, hand-made clay pots.

• Artisanal confection and limited production, which preserves the whole spirit, heritage and tradition of the mezcal.



Siete Misterios Mezcal DobaYej

Type: Mezcal joven 100% Agave
Year: 2014
Agave: Doba-yej (Angustifolia Haw)
ABV: 45.5% Alc. Vol. ajustada con agua de manantial.
Maestro Mezcalero: Don Celso Martinez.
Milling: Tahona chilena.
Fermentation: Tinas de madera de pino.
Distilation: Dos en alambique de cobre.
Region: Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca.

Sight: Crystalline and bright, silvery shades powerful body. Develops a light bead.

Nose: Scents of lemon citrus yellow, lime, grapefruit and apple smoked delicate yellow sparkles. Violet tones and delicate floral notes of sweet toasted caramel cooked agave.

Palate: Scents of citrus to medium character with great stay in the mouth, confirms its citrus notes with a sweet finish. It tends to improve with air and power develops its sweet and floral.



Siete Misterios Mezcal Espadín

Agave Angustifolia

Appearance: Crystal and silver hues, bright and powerful body, develops a slight pearl.

Nose: Fruity aromas of cherries, raspberries, bananas, and delicate flashes of smoked olive, incense, wet earth, floral notes such as violets and sweet notes of agave delicate skin and snuff.

Palate: Powerful, great length in the mouth, confirms at the end wet earth, fruits and flowers, of great permanence in mouth and a touch bitter. Tends to improve with air and develops its fruity and floral notes.

Silver Medal in “Spirits of Mexico 2011″