Speak Wine? 5 Wine Terms to learn today.

Reduction (deoxidation)

The opposite of oxidation. A chemical reaction in airtight conditions. Wines produced reductively are particularly fresh and aromatic. Reduction can vary from light to heavy, where a wine can seem faulted. But you might be able to pick out “reduced” notes. These generally result from the presence of a volatile sulfur compound, or mercaptans, and can be the result of reductive winemaking. Decanting can sometimes help.


Process by which the clear wine is drawn into an empty container to get rid of unwanted sediment.


Wine bottle with the capacity of four normal bottles. (3 Liters or two magnums)


French term for mellow wines. (medium-sweet)


Substances extracted from the skins of grapes that provide the coloring and texture in wine. Darker or thicker-skinned white grapes like Pinot Grigio have higher phenolics.