Map of Martinique Rhum Agricole AOC and distilleries #SummerofRum

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The island of Martinique is located in Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean Sea and is an overseas region of France. As part of the European Union, the same laws that protect Appellations of Origin apply here.


The defined geographical areas are North to South:

La Trinité

Fort-de France

Le Marin

To be labeled "AOC Martinique Rhum Agricole" the rum must be produced from sugarcane grown in one of these areas.

Yields are limited to 120 Metric tones per Hectare.


Rhum agricole must be produces from fresh sugarcane juice. No addition of syrup or molasses is allowed.

Distillation has to be made through column or continuos stills.

Alcohol level when bottling must not be lower than 40% or 80 proof.


Rhum Blanc

Rhum Martinique élevé sous bois (cask aged for at least 12 months)

Rhum Martinique vieux (extra aged for at least 3 years)


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