Distilleries close to home. Our spirits producers in IL, WI & MI

Copper still at CH Distillery, Chicago

distillery |disˈtilərē|
noun (pl. distilleries)
a place where liquor is manufactured:

You don’t have to look far to find high quality, artisan craft spirits producers. We’ve been huge supporters of our local distilleries since the start. While we’ve always brought to you some of the best examples of spirits from the old world, we’ve seen what younger, local producers are doing. They caught up quick. We believe the quality will continue to grow and interest from consumers is just beginning.



Journeyman Distillery

109 Generation Dr, Three Oaks, MI 49128
(269) 820-2050

"Everything about Journeyman Distillery is handcrafted, and we like that our home reflects that attention to labor. The original maple factory floors are from the 1800s. We have an original concrete bar made in Grand Rapids, with coordinates etched into the side—to mark this historic and unique location. We’re using wood from the family barn in central Indiana; wood that was once the flooring for an early 1900s schoolhouse. We feel that EK Warren, the original builder of the factory—while being a staunch prohibitionist—would be proud to see his building shining bright. Our bottles are like our building: steeped in family history that we’re thrilled to share with you.

To learn more, please visit our site and watch our videos: http://www.journeymandistillery.com/journeyman-story/


Journeyman Distillery Brandy Fine Girl, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery Gin Barrel Aged, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery Gin Barrel Aged, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery Gin Bilberry Black Hearts, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery OCG Apple Liqueur "Old Country Goodness", Michigan

Journeyman Distillery, Coffee Liqueur, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery Rum Navy Strength, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery Roads End Rum, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery Red Arrow, Organic, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery Featherbone Bourbon, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery Whiskey Federalist 12

Journeyman Distillery Ravenswood Rye, Organic, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery W.R. Welter, Organic, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery Whiskey Featherbone/Silver Cross/Ravenswood Variety Pack, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery Whiskey Humdinger Jalapeno, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery Whiskey Silver Cross, Michigan

Journeyman Distillery Whiskey Wheat, Michigan


Two James Distillery


2445 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48184
(313) 964-4800

Born out of the belief that family, friends and community are essential parts of life, Two James is far more than just an extraordinary product. Two James commemorates the exceptional lives of two great men who through hard work, perseverance and passion for life, were able to leave lasting impressions on the people they loved and the communities in which they lived.

Two James is located in Corktown, Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, and is the first licensed distillery in Detroit since Prohibition. Two James is committed to producing only the highest quality environmentally conscious handmade spirits utilizing locally sourced agricultural products with the aim of revitalizing the community and reinforcing the craft product movement.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the Spirit of Detroit™, the Spirit of Family and the Spirit of Friendship. Two James….the Spirit with a Spirit.

Two James Gin Old Cockney, Michigan

Two James Vodka 28 Island, Michigan

Two James Whiskey Grass Widow Bourbon, Michigan

Two James Whiskey Johnny Smoking Gun

Two James Whiskey Rye Dog White



Great Lakes Distillery


616 W Virginia St, Milwaukee, WI 53204
(414) 431-8683

Great Lakes Distillery is a small-batch distillery located in Milwaukee Wisconsin. We hand-craft award winning distilled spirits in limited quantities using old world methods and traditions which we believe result in a superior product.

Founded in 2004 by Guy Rehorst, Great Lakes Distillery is the first distillery built in Wisconsin since the end of prohibition. Master distiller Doug MacKenzie produces small-batch, award-winning artisanal spirits using old world handcrafted methods and traditions.

We’re a handful of people devoted to the craft of distilling and creating the best distilled spirits possible. 
As Wisconsin’s original small batch distillery we are anxious to share our unique products and look forward to meeting people who appreciate high quality craft distilled spirits. Give us a try and see for yourself how unique these hand crafted spirits can be.

Great Lakes Distillery Rehorst Premium Gin, Wisconsin

Great Lakes Distillery Absinthe Amerique 1912 Rouge, Wisconsin

Great Lakes Distillery Absinthe Amerique 1912 Verte, Wisconsin

Great Lakes Distillery Roaring Dan, Wisconsin

Great Lakes Distillery Rehorst, Citrus and Honey, Wisconsin

Great Lakes Distillery Rehorst, Wisconsin

Great Lakes Distillery Kinnickinnic, Wisconsin

Great Lakes Distillery Whiskey Pumpkin Seasonal Spirit, Wisconsin




CH Distillery


564 West Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60661
(312) 707-8780

Founded in 2013, CH Distillery is Chicago’s only distillery making grain-to-bottle Vodka from Illinois-grown ingredients. CH is unique among other local distilleries in its concentration on Vodka as its flagship product. Celebrating the science of making spirits, CH takes its name from the fundamental compounds in alcohol, carbon and hydrogen, while paying tribute to the local community. In addition to Vodka, CH Distillery produces a wide range of spirits in from locally sourced ingredients. CH Distillery & Cocktail Bar is also Chicago’s first combination distillery and cocktail bar, taking spirit-driven cocktails and paired cuisine to a new level in its sophisticated West Loop 48-seat lounge.

CH Distillery Aquavit, Illinois

CH Distillery Brandy Cherry Eau De Vie

CH Distillery Key Gin, Illinois

CH Distillery London Dry Gin, Illinois

CH Distillery Liqueur Amaro, Illinois

CH Distillery Peppercorn Vodka, Illinois

CH Distillery Vodka, Illinois

CH Distillery Bourbon, Illinois

CH Distillery Whiskey Bourbon Kentucky 4.5yr, Illinois