Arnaldo Caprai Brings Modern Montefalco to Wilson Daniels Portfolio.

Marco Caprai

Marco Caprai

Leading Sagrantino producer joins Wilson Daniels as its first Umbrian winery partner


ST. HELENA, CA (December 28, 2015) — Wilson Daniels announces, effective January 2016, the newest addition to its Italian wine portfolio, Montefalco di Sagrantino champion Arnaldo Caprai. The Caprai family has led the way in reviving Italy’s Montefalco and its indigenous Sagrantino grape variety.  


The partnership marks a pivotal step in Wilson Daniels’ continued pursuit of quality and excellence within its expanding portfolio. The marketing and sales company aims to represent the very best producers of their respective regions around the world, and Arnaldo Caprai — the most highly regarded winery in Umbria — certainly fits the profile.


“Arnaldo Caprai has all of the qualities we look for in our partners and more,” says Wilson Daniels president Rocco Lombardo. “The winery is a leader in a region that is emerging as one of the most interesting in Italy; constantly look toward innovation to achieve the best quality possible in the wines.”


The family operation began in 1971 when textiles entrepreneur Arnaldo purchased 112 acres in Montefalco. In 1988, ownership passed on to Arnaldo’s son, Marco. At that time Marco launched a project to cultivate the promotion of the native grape of Montefalco, Sagrantino, which produces lively, sometimes tannic wines with brambly black fruit aromas.


The winery’s experiments with clonal selection, new trellising systems and high density plantings have resulted in huge improvements in the quality of the wine made from pure Sagrantino and brought well-deserved recognition to an often overlooked Italian wine region. The promotion of Sagrantino di Montefalco to DOCG status in 1992 was largely due to the pioneering work of the Caprai family and in 1993 the winery was awarded Gambero Rosso’s Tre Bicherri, Italy’s most prestigious accolade.


In addition to their commitment to quality, Arnaldo Caprai is recognized for its dedication to environmental, economic and social sustainability. “The New Green Revolution” is a project developed by Marco and his team: continual research into innovative technology to develop modern agricultural techniques and create a more sustainable viticulture program.


The wines available through Wilson Daniels beginning January 2016 include: DOCG wines Sagrantino di Monefalco “25 Ani” and Sagrantino di Montefalco Collepiano; DOC reds Montefalco Rosso and Montefalco Rosso Riserva; and the DOC white Grecante Grechetto dei Colli Martani. Additionally, Wilson Daniels Wholesale in New York will have the exclusive distribution of specialty wine Vigna Flaminia Maremmana and half-bottle sizes of the Montefalco Rosso and Grecante Grechetto dei Colli Martani.


As the dynamic appellation of Montefalco continues to develop, Arnaldo Caprai will remain at the forefront, building its presence in the US market and championing the wines of Umbria.


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