Case Basse is an estate in the southwest area of Montalcino, where Sangiovese Grosso vines are grown to produce the famous Brunello. It is over 23 hectares in size, and is in an excellent geographical position for wine growing

Case Basse di Soldera is unique:

due to the hilly land of Eocene origin,
due to the altitude: 320 meters,
due to the exposure: southwest,
due to the dry, sunny climate with no fog,
due to the limpid light.


In the 1970’s, the place had been abandoned by share croppers for some time, and the soil was uncultivated, but even in this condition, it was a beautiful land in exceptionally charming surroundings. 

Gianfranco and Graziella Soldera discovered the enchantment of Case Basse, they immediately decided to devote themselves to that land, utilizing enlightened agriculture to create a Brunello of the highest quality.



Only grapes from the Case Basse Estate are used to make their wines. Natural fermentation is carried out in Slavonian oak vats. There is no temperature control and no artificial yeasts are added. Pumping over and frequent tastings are done. The University of Florence performs regular controls, also microbiological ones.


Soldera can rest for up to five years in large Slavonian oak casks, away from noise, temperature changes and odors in the new cellar, which was purpose-built to ensure optimum ageing conditions, as illustrated in the “Talking Soldera” section of our website which we invite you to visit. Brunello Soldera is matured in the bottle for some months.

In certain vintages, Gianfranco Soldera produced “Intistieti” and "Pegasos" IGT wines from his Sangiovese grapes. For these wines the period of ageing in cask has been shorter than for Brunello.



The wine is not filtered either during bottling or at any other time. The beautiful 750 ml Bordeaux bottles have structural features, such as a wider shoulder than base, a deep cavity, and a high neck, that are designed for optimal wine conservation. Their very dark color has a protective function. The especially high quality corks, 26/50 mm in size, are a guarantee of quality.