Supplier/Importer: Domaine Select

Region: PiedmontItaly

Appellation: Piemonte




At the Montanaro Distillery, Grappa is made by distilling the marcs of various vintage wines, firstly Barolo. After pressing, the liquid is passed to traditional steam alembics which preserve the aromas and perfumes of the original wine. During distillation, the impure parts are eliminated to ensure a clear flow of Grappa from the taps. The Grappa is then aged in vintage wooden vats for years, in special cellars.
By ageing, the spirit acquires a perfume and flavor which is velvety, dry and smooth at the same time, persistent and ethereally recalling the original wine. The experience of a century and the constant supervision throughout the entire production process distinguishes Montanaro spirits.

Annual Production: 30,000