Mayacamas Vineyards

Region: Napa County

Subregion: Napa Valley

High on the slopes of Mount Veeder, Mayacamas Vineyards has been a source of legendary California wine since 1889. As the newest owners in a lineage of pioneering caretakers spanning 125 years, we faithfully steward Mayacamas toward a bright future, ever mindful of the great traditions of the past.


The mountain terroir at Mayacamas ranges from 1,800 to 2,400 feet in elevation and the estate spans 475 acres, only 50 of which are dedicated to vine.  Our rugged location near the summit of Mt. Veeder greatly informs the profile of our wines.  In this appellation – which stretches for 13 miles along the Mayacamas mountain range on Napa Valley’s western edge – the slopes are steep, the soils meager, and the viticulture challenging.  Our property’s complex soils range from volcanic ash to shy-bearing igneous rock, and produce notoriously low yields of intensely concentrated grapes.

To ensure a bright future for our estate, we proudly introduced organic farming in 2013 and continue the laborious but important work of dry-farming our vineyards whenever possible. We feel strongly that our vineyards, our wilderness, and our neighbors benefit from this more considerate approach to the overall ecosystem.


The history of Mayacamas is long, but most importantly, is still being written.  Our team strives each day to connect the past, present, and future through our work – a commitment to the most important traditions, methods, and tools of previous generations is central to our path forward as winemakers.

In 1889 John Henry Fisher purchased this rugged mountain land and built the winery we still use today from stones gathered around the property.  He began a winemaking tradition that has been carried forward by generations of families – Taylor, Travers, and our team to name a few – all sharing a distinct love for this remote place.

This historic winery space, as well as two others constructed in later decades, were gently restored in 2013 and provide a considered environment that allows for an enhanced level of quality and consistency in our wines.  We believe strongly that our careful investment in Mayacamas is already starting to yield the finest wines the property has produced to date.