Mauro Molino

Supplier/Importer: Tenzing Imports

Region: PiedmontItaly




Established in 1953, the Azienda Agricola Molino, is located near the ancient abbey of S. Martino di Marcenasco and includes one of the most famous crus of the Langhe, “Vigna Conca”, among its vineyards. The estate is run since 1978, year of the death of the founder Giuseppe, by his son Mauro, an oenologist certified at the well known Oenology Institute of Alba. Mauro, due to the experience acquired in various estates in northern Italy, has given a big impulse towards the production of high quality wines. Mauro’s son Matteo, having completed his studies of Oenology, is now working full-time at the estate.


I believe what nurtured our company was the pride of keeping, at all costs, that plot of land that through generations past came from who knows where.

1973: Mauro Molino graduates from Alba Winemaking School and begins to cultivate his dream of making his greatest passion, winemaking, his profession.

1973: after military service, Mauro is as determined as ever to pursue his dream, but his land is not yet ready to grant him that opportunity. He bravely moves to Emilia Romagna in 1975 to work as a winemaker at the CIV wine group of Modena. Mauro stays in Emilia until 1979. This five-year-period is crucial for his training and professional development.

1979: after his father Giovanni’s death, Mauro returns to the Langhe, his home. His father left him some vineyards and he sees here the opportunity to embark on a new winemaking career in his beloved land, which he had never forgotten. He begins to work as a self-employed professional for local agricultural associations, at the same time taking care of improving his vineyards and cellar, which is built in Annunziata of La Morra, where the paternal house is.

1982: he makes his first Barolo from the vineyard Conca. The winemaking adventure of Mauro Molino begins here. Mauro becomes more and more conscious of how fortunate he is to be able to work in the Barolo area, a unique land in the world. He grows fonder of the single variety vineyards of this area, Nebbiolo in particular. He starts producing three of his most important cru in the town of La Morra: Barolo Conca, Barolo Gancia and Barolo Gallinotto.


The company continues to produce wines in Annunziata of La Morra, in the utmost respect of traditions.
The total area amounts to 12 hectares, 50% of which is meant for Nebbiolo for Barolo. The rest is devoted to the production of Barbera d’Alba, Dolcetto d’Alba and, in a smaller quantity, of Roero Arneis.
A lot has changed since the early beginnings: events took place crucial to the continuation of this wonderful adventure of winemaking passion and dedication.

2003: Matteo, Mauro’s firstborn, is now part of the company staff. Matteo, like his father, attended Alba Winemaking School and after graduating, threw himself headlong into the family adventure.
Long passionate about the production of top-quality wines, Matteo showed interest in winemaking and taking care of the vineyards from a very young age.
After learning from Mauro, Matteo, a far-sighted and ambitious young man, brought fresh ideas and innovation to the company, promoting a type of winemaking aimed at enhancing the quality, the elegance and the superiority of the wines.
Another important objective for Matteo and his family is the environmental sustainability and respect for their territory, which has offered them such exceptional opportunites.

2009: Martina, Mauro’s younger daughter, joins the family business together with her father and brother. Martina too graduates from Alba Winemaking School.
After spending time abroad in order to improve her skills in the English language, she returns to La Morra and is ready to give her contribution to the family business.
Thanks to her inquisitive mind and passion for communication, she directs her endeavours towards developing and advertising the company philosophy.