Indigenous Selections

Supplier/Importer: Indigenous Selections

Region: PiedmontItaly





INDIGENOUS Selections is a highly-specialized import company owned by Giorgio Rivetti of La Spinetta. We represent a collection of carefully selected Italian wineries that produce the finest, most authentic Italian wines with an emphasis on competitive pricing and unparalleled customer support. 

Our mission is to showcase some of Italy's most captivating winemakers, specifically those who produce outstanding, terroir-driven wines from their respective regions. Our objective is to provide our customers, as well as Italian wine enthusiasts, wines that truly honor indigenous Italian grape varieties and Italian winemaking.  

Italy has an important viticultural heritage and is home to thousands of native grape varieties. Our goal with the INDIGENOUS portfolio is to showcase these unique varietals, as well as the distinctive regional terroirs in which they thrive. 

With our expertise and significant presence in Piedmont and Tuscany, our portfolio includes a thoughtful selection of the very best wineries from these regions, as well as estates from Campania, Sicily and the island of Elba. Our portfolio currently includes: La Spinetta and La Spinetta Casanova, Contratto, BiancaVigna, Rocca del Principe, Malvirà, E. Pira by Chiara Boschis, Cocito, La Colombera, Valle di Lazzaro and Ciacci Piccolomini d'Aragona. 

The producers with whom we have the honor of working are true specialists and leaders in Italian winemaking in their respective regions. They share the INDIGENOUS passion for quality, character and authenticity. Our producers employ traditional farming and harvesting practices in the vineyards, and thus the wines they produce beautifully illustrate the potential and uniqueness of each grape variety. 

The portfolio is completed by a selection of INDIGENOUS label wines. Each of these wines has been hand-selected by Giorgio Rivetti and offers an interesting and authentic Italian wine experience, specifically with “by the glass” placements in mind.