Jean-Marc Brocard

Supplier/Importer: Tenzing Wine

Region: Burgundy, France

Appellation: Chablis


Jean-Marc Brocard's origins lie in the Côte d'Or. For he is a farmer's son from the village of Chaudenay-le-Château, not even the son of the vigneron. It was an accident of marriage that brought him to wine, he married Claudine (his childhood sweetheart), a vigneron's daughter from the village of St-Bris-le-Vineux in the valley of Yonne. Starting with a hectare of vines from his father-in-law, Emile Petit, he has created an estate of some 180 hectares vineyards in Chablis and Burgundy. Jean-Marc acknowledges a considerable debt to one of the old vignerons of St-Cyr les Colons, a man Louis Petit, who despite the name is unrelated to his father-in-law. The oldest vines of the Domaine Sainte Claire came from Louis Petit and it was he who gave to Jean-Marc the sense of tradition and a respect for nature, showing him that you can still maintain the old traditions, while practicing modern methods. Born and bred, devoted to the land and it's characterful wines.

A Vine grower, Jean-Marc is also a merchant maturing and trading 4,000,000 bottles a year. A specialist in the different wines of Chablis and its surrounding region. Brocard and his assistant wine maker, Oenologist Patrick Piuze pay close attention to the different characteristics of the various vineyards within the estate. Different cuvées of Chablis are labeled to the astrological sign at the time of bottling. The Brocard family eat similar dishes to their parents and grandparents, relying as much as possible on what they can grow or shoot themselves. Committed also to Eco-friendly viticulture, Julien Brocard, Jean-Marc's son, an Engineering graduate was appointed Vineyard Manager. The company exports 60% of its produce mainly to the UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Japan and the USA. Jean-Marc says "The truth of wine lies in the soil where it has grown. The technique is an important factor in the wine growing, but it is only an aid, the wine is essentially the product of its soil." also " The soil of Chablis is exceptional and cannot be found anywhere in the world ; therefore I am a hard believer of the future of Chablis even for the next Millennium."



Supplier/Importer:  Shiverick

Region: Burgundy, France

Appellation: Chablis



Samuel Billaud - A Maverick with Pedigree in Chablis

“We should see him...at the top of Chablis producers alongside...Raveneau and Vincent Dauvissat.” – Neal Martin, Wine Advocate, 10/15/13


For those of you who love the crisp, chalky salinity of fine Chablis, the name Billaud should ring a few bells. Domaine Billaud-Simon, currently under the direction of Bernard Billaud, has been a powerhouse in old school Chablisienne quality for two centuries now, since 1815. Samuel, nephew of Bernard, began making the wines at Billaud-Simon some twenty years ago and for two decades all was well enough. However, as is so often the case with large personalities, family tensions flared due to differing opinions about vinification. There was a schism and in 2009 Samuel founded his fledgling, super-hot, micro-négoce project, Domaine Samuel Billaud. 


Due to his deep roots in Chablis, Samuel is able to source grapes from some of the finest, most well-established growers in both premier and grand cru terroirs Currently, as a result of the resolution of  a law suit, combied with the sale of the Domaine, Samuel was able to acquire some vines of his own, and is now branching out with other premier and grand cru parcels. Premier and Grand Cru sees about 15% new wood in the form of large 450 and 600 L barrels, which offsets any overt “oakiness.” The rest is fermented in small stainless steel tank. 


The resulting range, from AC to Grand Cru, are layered wines rife with crunchy oyster shell and silex, and exhibit a range of flavor profiles from licorice to white peach to toasty baguette. This is top quality Chablis from a rising star producer – for white Burgundy lovers, these are not to be missed.   



Domaine Laroche

Supplier/Importer: Wilson Daniels

Region: Burgundy, France

Appellation: Chablis


The name Domaine Laroche is virtually synonymous with Chablis. With a history that dates back to 1850, when Victor Laroche purchased his first parcel of land in Chablis, the Laroche family has been dedicated to producing top-quality wines from the region for five generations. Michel Laroche, the great-great-grandson of Victor, joined the family business in 1967, and today remains at the helm. Under his stewardship, Laroche has become one of the most respected producers in Chablis and is one of its largest landholders of grand cru vineyards. Purity and quality are the heart of Michel’s winemaking philosophy as exhibited by the wines produced at Domaine Laroche.


Benoît Cantin

Supplier/Importer: Tenzing

Region: Burgundy, France

Appellation: Irancy


Family Owned for 5 générations, Domaine Benoit Cantin covers 13.5 Ha in the Heart of the Irancy vineyard. Benoit took over in 1994 and wish to establish in Few Years his son Felicien or his daughter Emeline.
Benoit Cantin does not want to go to the organic certification to keep his freedom but his philosophy is to respect his Terroir and the nature. Benoit is part of a Program Name Biodivine to protect the Biodiversity in the Vineyard. 
The Water used in the Vineyard comes from the Rain and some of the oak barrell are made from his own oak tree.

What About Irancy?

The Vineyard at Irancy Looks like an Arena around the village. Irancy is located in burgundy, in the district of Yonne, at 18Km from Chablis. The Vineyards of Irancy cover 160 Hectars (20 growers). It's Average production is 80000 cases per year.
The Grapes are Pinot noir and up to 10% Cesar in the blend for the palotte (Only red and rosé wines).
The Soil is compose of limestone, marl and clay from  the Kimmeridgien.
The Average Yield is 45 Hl/ Ha.