Domaine Specht

Supplier/Importer: Tenzing Imports

Region: AlsaceFrance

Appellation: Alsace






The Family estates are based in Mittelwihr, a small village of 1000 people based on the wine road in the heart of the Alsace, France.

Created in 1955 by Alfred Specht, our vineyard is 22 acres, divided in 40 plots which are located throughout the region of Mittelwihr and the other well known villages of Beblenheim, Riquewihr and Ribeauvillé.

The vines are ideally located on the « Under Vosges » hills around these villages. Each plots are separately worked on to get the best out of each one.

Mittewihr is especially known for the « Grand Cru Mandelberg », on Argilo calcaire soil. The wines are made with care and love and respect.


Pierre Sparr

Supplier/Importer: Wilson Daniels



At Sigolsheim, in the heart of Alsace's Haut-Rhin, Maison Pierre Sparr follows a 300 year old tradition of winemaking that began during the reign of King Louis XIV. Since 1680, the family's passion for viticulture and winemaking has passed from one generation to the next. Today Pierre Sparr owns 37 acres of vineyards in Sigolsheim and sources fruit from another 370 acres owned by established growers who adhere to the family's high standards of viticulture. Avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides, limiting yields and harvesting by hand, all help give full expression to the individual terroir found in each of its wines. 

Growing on the foothills of the Vosges Mountains and on the Rhine River valley floor, the vineyards benefit from a dry climate and excellent sun exposure, ensuring the long, slow maturation of the grapes. A mosaic of terroirs exists, varying with the slope and the alluvial soils of the valley. The vines grow tall, with foliage that spreads wider than in any other region in France. Upon arrival at the winery after harvest, the fruit is cooled to provide immediate protection against oxidation. The whole fruit clusters are pressed immediately. Fermentations proceed at a slow pace, generally taking approximately six weeks. The musts remain on the lees, stirred weekly, without racking, under controlled low temperatures until the vintage attains the desired richness and texture.


Châteaux Lamothe

Region: BordeauxFrance

Subregion: Médoc



Located in the commune of Haux southwest of Bordeaux’s city center, Chateau Lamothe has actively produced estate-bottled wine since the 16th century. Its renovation in the 19th century yielded the distinctive façade now pictured on the label of each of the Lamothe cuvees. It is currently run by The Néel-Chombart family who’ve owned the property since 1956. Succession passes through on the mother’s side of the family which accounts for the three generations of changing family names: first it was the Perriquets, then the Néels, and now, the Chombarts.