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Shochu Seminar and Competition. Win a trip to Kyushu Japan.

Tenzing Wine and Spirits and New York Mutual Trading Company Present:


Sponsored by:

-       Satsuma Shuzo – Imo Shochu (sweet potato)

-       Takahashi Shuzo – Kome Shochu (rice)

-       Nishiyoshida Shuzo – Mugi Shochu (barley)



·      10.12 (Mon) Kick-off Event at Tenzing. Shochu Educational seminar and tasting of the participating brands with the representatives of the sponsoring distilleries and Mutual Trading Company.

·      10.26 (Mon) Recipes Due

·      10.30 (Fri) Announcement of the semi-finalists

·      11.9 (Mon) – 12.4 (Fri) Semifinalist cocktails go live at their respective venues

·      12.9 (Wed) – Announcement of the finalists

·      12.14 (Mon) – Final competition


How it works:

Come to Tenzing on 10/12 to learn about shochu and meet the representatives of the distilleries. On that day, competitors will be assigned one of the participating brands through a lottery system to ensure that all of them are represented fairly in the competition.

Those competitors selected as semifinalists agree to run the chosen cocktail at their establishment for a period of4 weeks, during which the organizing committee will be visiting each venue to taste the drinks, take pictures and videos. All recipes, photos, and videos become the property of the sponsoring distilleries and can be used at their discretion for promotional purposes.

The final competition will be held live on 12.14 (venue TBD)  and will be open to all the participants. The winners will be announced then. The grand prize winner agrees to run the wining cocktail (or others of his/her choosing) for a period of 3 months.


GRAND PRIZE – The Grand Prize Winner will be awarded a trip to Kyushu,  Japan, to tour the island and the participating distilleries.


RSVP to the Seminar on 10/12/15: