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  • Morgan Manufacturing 401 North Morgan Street Chicago, IL, 60642 United States (map)

Tenzing Coupe Competition

The Tenzing Coupe 2016 “Chicago’s Greatest Cocktail Competition” will take place onMonday September 19th, 2016.  Please read the rules and click the link below to enter your winning recipe.  Deadline for submissions is Midnight September 2nd.

3rd Annual Tenzing Coupe Cocktail Competition

The competition is organized by The Dogma Group, LLC and sponsored by Tenzing Wine & Spirits.


First Place: $3500
Second Place: $1000
Third Place: $500


When: Monday, September 19th, 2016

11:00 am-4:00 pm

Where: Morgan Manufacturing, 401 N. Morgan St.


1. All cocktail recipes must be submitted by Tuesday Sept. 6th by 11:59 pm through the application link provided on

2. Each contestant can submit up to 2 cocktails but only one cocktail can qualify.

3. All spirits, wines, sake, or alcoholic beverages used in the production of cocktails must come from the Tenzing Wine & Spirits portfolio. These Tenzing products will be provided for competitors on the day of the competition.

4. No homemade ingredients are allowed. Bitters, syrups, tonics and flavored sodas need to come from the Tenzing Wine & Spirits portfolio.

5. Juices, raw ingredients, fruit and herbs are allowed but will not be provided. Competitors are responsible for all ingredients that are not a part of the Tenzing Wine & Spirits portfolio.

6. Organizers will provide the following stock syrup items:

• 1:1 Simple Syrup (White Sugar; uncooked)

• 2:1 Rich Simple Syrup (white sugar; uncooked)

• 2:1 Agave Syrup (Light Amber)

• 3:1 Honey Syrup (Clover)

• 2:1 Honey Syrup (Clover)

• All stock syrups will be available to taste at scheduled Tenzing Coupe Bar Labs

7. Competitors should bring enough ingredients, juices and garnishes to produce at least 4 complete cocktails (2 for competition, 2 for back-up)

8. Competitors must provide their own glassware.

9. All garnishes edible (or inedible) must fit in or on a cocktail glass. All garnishes must be provided by competitors.

10. Garnishes can be prepared before the contest. All garnishes must be provided by the competitors.

11. Each cocktail must be named. No lewd cocktail names.

12. No fire can be used in the execution of a cocktail.

13. Each competitors will have access to a standard 120V electrical outlet for cocktail production. Use of the outlet must be specified in recipe submission.

14. Cocktail submissions will be tasted and reviewed blindly.

15. 40 competitors will be selected to compete and will be notified on September 9 th

16. Questions on rules can be sent directly to




1. All judging will be executed blindly.

2. Judges will consist of certified cicerones, certified sommeliers, cocktail industry

professionals and food/drink media members.

3. Only 1 cocktail needs to be made for judges to taste per round.

4. Each contestant will have 5 minutes to execute 1 cocktail for judges.

5. There will be 8 heats of 5 competitors.

6. Each competitor will have an assigned presentation time. Assigned times will be chosen at random and will be distributed to competitors on September 9 th .

7. There will be 3 rounds of judging:

• 3 judges for the first 20 competitors.

• 3 judges for the second 20 competitors.

• 3 judges for the 10 finalists




1. Presentation (garnish, glassware, and cocktail name) 10 pts

2. Taste (aroma, flavor, and balance) 20 pts

3. The top 12 contestants with the highest point totals will make their cocktail again in the finals.

Tenzing Bar Labs:

Tenzing provides a space to work on your cocktails at the Tenzing Bar at 165 N. Morgan St.