Evening Land Vineyards

Region: OregonUnited States

Appellations: Eola-Amity Hills

At Evening Land, our goal is to explore great terroir and reflect that greatness in every bottle that we produce. This begins in the vineyard with a constant stewardship of the land. We strive to make wines that reflect only the essence of the vineyard – the unique conjunction between a place, nature and time. Nothing is added; nothing is removed. We practice precision viticulture and let the land express itself. We embrace the unique character of every vintage. Our wines are created with energy, purity, transparancy and elegance with insistence on true appreciation of site.

Raj Parr is a James Beard award-winning author and wine professional. Widely regarded as one of the world’s most celebrated sommeliers, Raj has undertaken a new challenge as partner, proprietor, and winemaker for Evening Land Vineyards. He brings to the vineyard and winery a deep familiarity with the broader world of wine and a clear vision for Seven Springs’ place in it.

With an endless passion for both viticulture and winemaking, Sashi Moorman has earned a reputation as one of the new world’s brightest and most compelling winemakers. Together with Raj Parr, he serves as Evening Land’s proprietor and winemaker. Sashi’s thoughtful approach to the historic Seven Springs estate will ensure it continues producing benchmark Oregon wines for generations to come.