Chateau Labégorce

Supplier/Importer: JB Audy

Region: BordeauxFrance

Appellation: Margaux




Chateau Labegorce, like many chateau in Bordeaux, takes its name from one of the estates early owners, the Grosse family, who held an interest in the land that dates back all the way back to the 14th century. For centuries prior to the French Revolution, Chateau Labegorce was a massive estate. In fact, it was one of the bigger properties at the time in the Medoc.

The lands of their Margaux estate were ordered to be divided after the French Revolution. This division created three separate estates. This included, Chateau Labegorce, what later became Labegorce Zede and the tiny property, L’Abbe Grosse de Grosse. However, the vineyards of Chateau Labegorce remained the largest of the three Margaux properties.

The Modern Age

The chateau of Labegorce was constructed in 1821. Chateau Labegorce passed through a myriad of owners before it was most recently bought by the Perrodo family in 1989. Hubert Perrodo fell in love with Bordeaux and especially the Margaux appellation.

While wine held a big interest for Hubert Perrodo, his real interest in Bordeaux came after spending time in the appellation enjoying polo matches that were held at neighboring Chateau Giscours, which is also located in Margaux.

Hubert Perrodo set out with the goal to reunite all three vineyards of the original Labegorce estate. He purchased L’Abbe Grosse de Grosse in 2002. However, Hubert Perrodo was only able to buy the chateau and some land. The vineyards were sold to Chateau Margaux. He completed the final piece of the puzzle when he bought Labegorce Zede in 2005.

All three vineyards were once again reunited into one large vineyard. Sadly, Hubert Perrodo was killed in a skiing accident the following year after realizing his dream of recreating the original Labegorce vineyard.

2008 was the final vintage of Chateau Labegorce Zede. Today, the Left Bank estate of Chateau Labegorce is managed by Hubert Perrodo’s daughter, Nathalie Perrodo.

Nathalie Perrodo also manages the families other Medoc Bordeaux property, which is also located in the Margaux appellation, Chateau Marquis d’Alesme, which is located across the road from Chateau Lascombes. Delphine Kolasa is the director of communications for the property. Marjolaine de Coninck is the technical director.



The 53 hectare vineyard of Chateau Labegorce is planted to 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc and 2% Petit Verdot. This represents a change in the vineyard as the percentage of Merlot has been increased. The size of the vineyard has also expanded from 36 hectares to 53 hectares.

The vines are planted to a density of 9,000 vines per hectare. On average the vines are 30 years of age. However, there are old vines at Chateau Labegorce.

A sizable portion of the vineyard was planted during the 1950’s and there is a section of vines that is over 100 years of age! The terroir of Chateau Labegorce is composed of mostly gravel, clay, sand and some sand mixed with limestone soil. However, as you might expect, it is a bit more complicated here.

Located just north of the Margaux village, you can divide the vineyard into 3 main sections with their best parcel of vines located closest to the chateau, this is where you find their highest elevations and deepest gravel soils. They also have vines on the other side of the D2 highway, as well as vines planted in terroir with higher levels of clay. This is where you find their Merlot.