Château La Tour Carnet

Supplier/Importer: CVBG

Region: BordeauxFrance

Appellation: Médoc



On the road to Saint-Julien -Beychevelle, a stone's throw from its church, the impressive quadrangular tower of Château La Tour Carnet rises in the axis of a monumental gate. If the thick walls could talk, they would tell us all the past stories of this authentic castle.
From rte XIIth century until today, from the Hundred Years War to the great phylloxera epidemic, La Tour Carnet crossed nobly the adventures of men and time.

Since the XVIth century, special attention was paid to the cultivation of the vine and wine quality. This exceptional work is recognized as early as 1855, during the Universal Exhibition in Paris, Chateau La Tour Carnet joined the very closed list of Grand Crus Classés.



To understand what makes the richness and unique personality of the wines of La Tour Carnet, we have to both understand what makes the originality of its soil and its technical excellence in viticulture and winemaking.

The terroir of Château La Tour Carnet is a mosaic of multi diversity land. The use of the most modern techniques such as drone acquired by Bernard Magrez to analyze the plots, has optimized the virtues of this land by assigning the most suitable varieties: the hill is a soil conducive to Merlots, hillsides rather the Cabernets.

But obtaining exceptional grapes would be nothing without careful winemaking techniques to make the best of it. This is why, for several years, Château La Tour Carnet returned to traditional methods that rely heavily on manual labor.