Añoro Winery

Region: MendozaArgentina

Appellation: Tupungato


Añoro (pronounced ‘ahn-your-o’) is a unique word with no direct translation into English. In Spanish it often refers to the act of reminiscing or dreaming of a special time in one’s past. For us, it means creating something that we once only dreamed of – the wines of Añoro. 

Añoro is a partnership between longtime friends Master Sommelier Ken Fredrickson and Ed Lehrman and Nick Ramkowsky, founders of Vine Connections, the leading national U.S. importer of fine Argentine wines. After many Argentine trips together and lengthy discussions about the quality of Mendoza’s existing wines and their future potential, we combined our extensive experience and local knowledge to make Argentina’s top small production wines for enjoying with fine food, whether at a 3-star Michelin restaurant or at one’s own home.


Bodega Chacra

Region: PatagoniaArgentina

Appellation: Alto Valle del Río Negro



Established in 2004 by Piero Incisa della Rocchetta, Bodega Chacra crafts exclusively Pinot Noir wines in the Río Negro Valley of northern Patagonia, in Argentina. Incisa della Rocchetta found the property with existing, though abandoned, Pinot Noir vines planted more than 79 years ago, producing tiny bunches of small, concentrated berries. From this and other fruit, he crafts 100% biodynamic, organic, natural and unfiltered Pinot Noir.

Bodega Chacra is located in the Río Negro Valley of northern Patagonia, roughly equidistant, west to east, from the Andes Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. The region has an arid climate, but the valley is irrigated through a network of channels excavated in the late 1820s by British colonists, who directed the abundant snowmelt flowing from the Andes, creating an oasis in the middle of the desert. The air is pristine and without pollution, creating tremendous luminosity and purity of sunlight, and the region is protected from vine pests by the constant winds and by the natural barrier of the surrounding desert. Because of this isolation and the desert soils, phylloxera does not thrive here, and vines can be grown on their own rootstocks instead of being grafted, which is thought to produce a greater purity in the fruit. As a result of these remarkable geographical and climatic advantages, Bodega Chacra produces concentrated and complex wines of great purity that express flavors of flowers, fruits and minerals and have notable length.


Bodega DiamAndes

Region: MendozaArgentina

Appellation: Valle de Uco




In 2005, the Bonnie family, owner of the renowned Château Malartic-Lagravière (Grand Cru Classé de Graves) and of the Château Gazin Rocquencourt (Pessac-Léognan), decided to leave France in search for new horizons in the world of wine. It all began with the acquisition, along with their partners, of a single 130-hectares (321 acres) block of land in the heart of the Uco Valley, to the south of the city of Mendoza. That is where Bodega DiamAndes was born, as a member of the prestigious Clos de los Siete group. The winery's architectural design blends harmoniously into the stunning Andean scenery. In this context, the winemaking process has taken place under exceptional conditions since the 2007 vintage.


Clos de los Siete

Region: MendozaArgentina

Appellation: Valle de Uco




Clos de los Siete is the result of a venture undertaken by a group of French winegrowers. It is located at the foot the Andes mountain range, in the heart of the Uco Valley, at the district of Vista Flores, Tunuyán. Their vineyards spread across 850 hectares (2100 acres) at an altitude of 1,000-1,200 masl.

The history of Clos de los Siete is closely linked to enologist Michel Rolland, a consultant for prestigious wineries around the world for some years now (Malartic-Lagravière and Gazin Rocquencourt among them). The project was actually conceived in 1998. Michel Rolland’s enthusiasm made it possible for the group of French partners to come together. They all belonged to families related to the wine business, whose names are inevitably associated to the most renowned Grand Crus worldwide.


Ernesto Catena Wines

Region: MendozaArgentina

Appellation: Valle de Uco






A young Argentine winemaker, Ernesto Catena is the son of the prestigious winery owner, Nicolás Catena Zapata. A tireless traveler, Ernesto Catena has lived in New York, Berkeley, Cambridge, Milan and London. As a child, he lived in Argentina, and he harbors a deep love for his birthplace, Mendoza, whose vineyards he explored as a child, discovering his passion for making great wines.

Naturally, the Catena style is marked by diversity, the constant search for the best grapes, wherever they may be. Catena chooses different vineyards for different varieties of grapes, going where the soil and the climate ensure the best expression of each varietal. Catena works with small producers in order to obtain the best grape. This means that Catena wines have an identity all their own, like the concentrated Siesta wines, the mysterious Alma Negra blends and the unmistakable Tahuántinsuyus.

All of this, and something more, lies within this new project of the Ernesto Catena Vineyards. Once again, great Catena wines express a distinctive style of winemaking and love of Mendoza.