Maison Lou Dumont

Supplier/Importer: Landon Schiverick

Region: Burgundy, France

Appellations: Gevrey-Chambertin, Meursault, Bourgogne


 “The wines taste like the villages they come from.”

 Brian Kalliel, Wine Director, Mélisse (2 Michelin Stars)


“I have always been a very lucky person.” 

Koji Nakada


Driven by a passion for Burgundy and the dream of making wine, Japanese Sommelier Koji Nakada left his native Tokyo in 1996 and moved to Beaune to study oenology at the prestigious CFPPA. The first thing he had to do was learn French. He enrolled in language class at Dijon where his teacher was the lovely Jae Hwa Park, an expatriated Korean. During Koji’s studies in Beaune, and during his subsequent internships at Chateau Kirwan in Bordeaux, and at small houses in Champagne and Alsace, the two dated and then married. They formed Maison Lou Dumont, their artisanal micro-negociant domaine in Gevrey-Chambertin, in 2000.

Koji’s goal is to produce pure, honest, regionally correct Burgundy of minimal manipulation from organically farmed grapes. Though not an official qualifier for the Lou Dumont wines, some of the grapes for their Bourgogne Rouge come from a biodynamic vineyard in the Côte Chalonnaise. A strict minimum vine age of 30 years is imposed for all grapes used (though grapes for the Gevrey-Chambertin that come from Lieu-dit La Platière feature 75 year old vines). Koji and Jae Hwa believe that a respectful and balanced approach to the environment and viticultural practices elicits the highest quality juice. The three Japanese characters on their label stand for sky, earth, and man, with all three together representing the concept of terroir.

The name Lou Dumont, is a combination of their goddaughter’s name Lou (who Koji says is charming and with much character, as are their wines), and from the French for “mountains,” a nod to the hilly terrains where both Koji and Jae Hwa grew up.

Koji does not inoculate with yeast. Wines are matured in oak from the Jupilles forest in the Loire, which is renowned for its tightly-grained barrels that do not impart too much of the wood that can mar delicate flavor profiles. Incidentally, Jupilles barrels are the only barrels used at Chateau d’Yquem.

In 2012 Koji and Jae Hwa purchased their first parcels of land in Burgundy: no small feat for a non-native Burgundian. Their purchases include: 1 hectare or Bourgogne rouge, 1 ha of Gevrey-Chambertin AC, and 1 particularly prized piece of Bourgogne Aligoté with vines over 100 years old. The Nakadas look forward to working with their Aligoté parcel, the first wines of which are slated for release in 2014. Gevrey-Chambertin, where they created their domaine and cave, is the Pièce de Resistance, and owning even a small parcel is what Koji calls ‘a dream.’ “This is our legacy in Burgundy,” said the very humble and proud Koji on a recent visit to Los Angeles, “That we can pass this land along to our children is for us the dream. Gevrey gave me this gift for my 40th birthday.”