The La Gerla property is situated at 320 metres above sea level, on the gentle slopes below Montalcino. This small wine estate has established itself as one of the great crùs in this territory in the heart of Tuscany, delineated by the Orcia and Ombrone valleys.

The owner, Sergio Rossi, was formerly involved in advertising. He was the director of three European offices of a famous agency and was used to travelling for work and to losing sleep over lay-outs and jingles. These days he is almost an “ilcinese,” and he loves his vineyards as if they were children.

Today the estate has 11,5 hectares (28,41 acres) under vine and large modern cellars complete with the latest technology. Sergio Rossi is flanked by a united team of people that have helped him to achieve his goal; the winemaker, Vittorio Fiore, who has been with the estate from the start and is both a friend and a trusted professional, Alberto Passeri, agronomist and director of the estate, Marisa the cellar boss, Luca the vineyard overseer and Sonia who deals with the estate administration.


After the selection process, the grapes are separated from the stems and sent to ferment in steel vats where they remain on the skins for about two weeks in order to best extract all the noble and fundamental substances for red wine, the polyphenols. This is followed by a series of complex operations intended to aid in the extraction process. At La Gerla, this happens under the constant supervision of the enologist with the goal of preserving a fundamental quality of our wines: elegance. For this reason, from the maceration and the soft pressing, we try to give priority to this aspect that is so recognized and appreciated by our clientele.