Domaine Fouassier

Supplier/Importer: Tenzing Imports

Region: Loire ValleyFrance

Appellations: Sancerre

In 1966, Pierre Fouassier who is Raymond's elder, started to work in the farming at the end of its studies at the viticultural High School of Baume. He got involved in a new work: to develop the trade activity of the farming while taking care of the cellar with his father. He already owned 10 hectares. 
The 70's marked a new growth from a mechanical and economic point of view. As far back as 1971, Jean-Michel, the youngest, came back to work in the vineyard after having finished his studies at the viticultural High School of Baume. He was in charge of the vineyard and the cellar. 
The new century started with the arrival of the tenth generation with Benoit in 2000 (Jean-Michel' son) and Paul in 2001 (Pierre' son) who brought a new way of operating and a new culture of the vineyard. 
Today, our estate extends nearly 56 hectares from which 80% is from the noble and very old grape variety, called Sauvignon, and as for the rest, from the most delicate and elegant of red grape varieties, called Pinot Noir. 
We carry out a traditional cultivation, which combines the most ancestral methods passing by others from the biological or biodynamical culture and the most modern in terms of equipment. 
The key word of the property being the respect for the terroir, we do our best to respect the environment which is our tool and which represents the heritage that we will pass on to the next generations.