Domaine Arlaud

Supplier/Importer: North Berkeley Imports

Region: Burgundy, France

Appellations:  Morey St Denis, Chambolle Musigny, Clos de la Roche


Domaine Arlaud began when Joseph Arlaud (originally Ardechois) met Renée Amiot (a burgundian woman) during the war. The wedding presents contained vineyards of which Joseph extended in 1949. He also worked as nursery gardener until 1970. From 1970, he spent all his time working in the vines and making wine.

Hervé Arlaud succeeded his father in 1982, and extended the holdings of the estate by buying new vineyards. He did alone the wine grower’s work and developed bottle sales. Presently, Hervé works with his three children: Cyprien, who joined his father in 1997, Romain, who began in 2003, and Bertille who arrived in 2004.

In 1966, he acquired the old “Grenier à sel” of Nuits Saint Georges for the rearing of the wines. This wonderful 14th century cellar became the estate’s emblem that still today is seen on our labels.


Preserving the health and character of their vineyards is of utmost importance to the Arlaud family. They have farmed organically for years; today they also follow biodynamic principles in caring for their vines and wines. Harvest is always by hand, and vineyard rows are plowed not by tractor but by horse.

Once harvested, grapes are sorted and destemmed (not crushed) before fermenting on indigenous yeasts in temperature-controlled cement tanks. Wines are aged in French oak barrel from 14 to 16 months, using on average 15 percent new barrels for villages wines; 20 percent for premier crus; and 30 percent for grand crus. Wines are bottled according to the lunar cycle, unfined and unfiltered.