Château Moncontour

Supplier/Importer: Tenzing Imports

Region: Loire ValleyFrance

Appellations: VouvrayTouraine

Chateau Moncontour is one of the oldest of the Loire Valley; it was created around the 4th century. Since the tenth century, caves have been excavated in the cliffs to vinify and preserve its precious wine. Though the estate originated in the thirteenth century, the actual castle dates back to the end of the fifteenth. Even Balzac longed to own it, and in his novel "La femme de trente ans,"he immortalized Moncontour and its wines.The total surface of the vineyards is 140 hectares (capable of producing one million bottles) spread out over several types of soils of VOUVRAY and TOURAINE Appellation near Tours. This makes this estate one of the biggest of the Loire Valley.

Château Moncontour overlooks the Loire River, and extends over the hillsides in the heart of the Vouvray appellation.
The site boasts stunning views over the whole Loire Valley area.

Since 1994, the Feray family has been preserving and enhancing the Château with enthusiasm and commitment, making it one of the most remarkable historic sites in the Loire Valley.