Domaine Calot

Supplier/Importer: North Berkeley Imports

Region: Burgundy, France

Appellations: Morgon

Once you taste the wines of Domaine Jean Calot, you immediately understand the potential of cru Beaujolais. His ancient vines, pure granite vineyards and light touch in the cellar combine for a Morgon that is serious yet seductive, and certainly made for the long haul. Think fine Burgundy; not simple Beaujolais!

It was with Domaine Calot more than 20 years ago that we first realized just how convincing cru Beaujolais could be. Jean Calot has always been a serious artist among too many casual winemakers, many of whom think Beaujolais should be simple and fun, not profound or age-worthy. Each vintage, Calot wines prove that Gamay at its best can be as complex and long-lived as Burgundian Pinot Noir.

Morgon is one of the more muscular and concentrated of Beaujolais’ crus. Calot’s ancient vines (many 100 years old or older) deliver concentrated yet supple flavors and smooth tannins. One of the more rewarding cellar decisions you can make is to stash a few bottles of Calot Morgon in the cellar to later discover the silky elegance of well-aged cru Beaujolais.

Sadly, Jean Calot passed away in 2015. His brother François and François’ son, Vincent, have for years worked by Jean’s side. While Jean will be sorely missed, his legacy is in good hands.