Azienda Agricola COS

Supplier/Importer: Domaine Select

Region: SicilyItaly

Appellation: Vittoria




Azienda Agricola COS was founded by Giambattista (Titta) Cilia, Giusto Occhipinti and Cirino (Rino) Strano, three friends who wanted to recreate the work of their ancestors. The acronym (Cilia-Occhipinti-Strano) not only represents the company’s name, but also the beginning of a remarkable partnership. In 1980, the trio became the youngest winemakers in Italy when they bought Joseph Cilia’s old family winery. Located in the historic town of Bastonaca, the vineyard measured just over a mere three hectares. Their first harvest on October 5 produced only 1470 bottles; nevertheless, this marked the beginning of their adventures and the radical restructuring of the region of Cerasuolo di Vittoria. Fascinated by ancient cellar practices, COS decided to work with amphoras, clay jars that were used by the ancient Greeks.
The first shipment came from Spain in September 2000, and thus, Pithos was born and a new COS identity was created. 2007 was the first vintage bottled in the new cellar. The old oak barrels were replaced by 150 amphoras, one of the largest collections in the world, and they began making Pithos Bianco with the local Grecanico grape. Today, COS is synonymous with Cerasuolo di Vittoria. Their love of the region and its singular terroir produces some of the finest wines Italy has to offer.


  • Vineyard Area: 36 ha 
  • Soil Type: Calcareous and siliceous with compact clay and tufa 
  • Varieties Cultivated: Nero d’Avola, Frappato, Insolia, Grecanico, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
  • Annual Production: 200,000 bottles 
  • Winemaker: Giusto Occhipinti & Giambattista Cilia
  • Topography: Rolling hills, a limestone plateau at 250 meters ASL