Lamplighter Vineyards


Lamplighter, California

2009     Chardonnay

2008     Cabernet Sauvignon

2008     Merlot

Our goal is to craft beautiful, enjoyable wines that deliver so far above the price that you feel like you’ve discovered something special. 

We want to be like the incredible restaurant you found that no one has discovered yet, but will be impossible to get a table at in a month.  We’re the vintage leather jacket that you found for $30 at a flea market, and now get complimented on all the time.  Like a $20 bill you find in the pocket of that old pair of jeans you’re able to fit into again. 

The phone number left on your cocktail napkin above a name and the words “Call Me.”

We love when we discover something special.

We hope our wines bring you that same enjoyment.