Gratien & Meyer, Saumur


Set against the backdrop of the sunlit Loire-Valley since 1864, Gratien & Meyer is a traditional producer of fine sparkling wines from Saumur. In 1864, Alfred Gratien bought a piece of land known as “Le Petit Puy” in the Saumur that was riddled with old mining shafts created during the mining of limestone (locally known as “pierre de tuffeau” or tuffeau limestone) in the 12th Century, and established 10 km of underground passages founding the winery. In the same year, Alfred Gratien, who was 23 years old at the time, founded two wine houses, one in the Loire Valley near Saumur, and the other in the Champagne region in Epernay. In 1874, he made Albert Jean Meyer, an enthusiastic wine connoisseur from Alsace, his partner to ensure the continuation of the company. Today, the house of Gratien & Meyer continues this legacy by producing traditional wines of character and elegance, which are matured for many months in the underground passages dug out of the tuffeau limestone bedrock.

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