Chateau Moncontour


The Château Moncontour winery is one of the oldest of the LoireValley and since the tenth century, caves were excavated in the cliffs to vinify and preserve its precious wine. During the Renaissance period, the ever-growing fame to the wines crossed France’s borders and spread across northern Europe.Not only are the vineyards cultivated on the best areas overlooking the Loire, but the prestige of Moncontour also comes from the historic site with its elegant castle. Though the estate dates from the 13th century, the Château dates from the end of the 15th century.

Moncontour is said to have been built by King Charles VII, on the ruins of a fortification belonging to Guillaume de St. Maure, in order to keep his mistress Agnes Sorel within easy reach. Even Balzac longed to own it, and in his novel ‘La femme de 30 ans” he immortalized Château Moncontour and its wines.

Made from 100% Chenin Blanc, the Vouvray Sec is made from the ‘Aubuis’ soils, which are primarily clay soils. The pneumatic presses in the ultra-modern winery do a slow and soft pressing of the grapes before fermentation at 65F in temperature-controlled stainless tanks. The cool fermentation maintains the volatile components of this delicate grape.