75 Wine Co

Region: CaliforniaUnited States

Subregion: Lake County, Napa Valley


Articulating a sense of place in every bottle, The Seventy Five Wine Company revels in expressing California wine country’s sun, earth and abundance. The wines reveal a history of care and craftsmanship that begins in the vineyard.

Having grown up and honed my skills around some of the most talented vineyard managers and winemakers in the world, The Seventy Five Wine Company draws on a great foundation of inspiration, and was created as a conscious reflection of my personal belief in and commitment to the production of high quality, reasonably priced wines from the Napa Valley -- my home since 1975.

We offer an honest, historic connection to the vineyards of northern California, and deep roots in the wine world. I know from hands on experience that it is possible to produce great wines, vintage over vintage, without breaking the bank. The Seventy Five Wine Company is dedicated to pioneering change by producing premium wines of great distinction at reasonable prices. And I personally promise to over-deliver on every one of your expectations: wine quality, pedigree and price.

Many found inspiration in 1975: Bill Gates founded Microsoft, Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, the first episode of Saturday Night Live debuted, and The Beckstoffer family set up shop in Napa Valley.

75, The Year That Was. Queen Elizabeth II knights Charlie Chaplin. Mikhail Baryshnikow, defector from Leningrad's Kirov Ballet, graces the cover of Time Magazine. Smokey the Bear retires to the National Zoo. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest sweeps the Oscars. The Wiz opens on Broadway. Saturday Night Live premiers. Born To Run goes gold. Elvis turns forty. Tiger Woods appears. Jimmy Hoffa disappears. Jack Nicklaus takes home the green jacket. The Reds defeat the Red Soz in seven games. Muhammad Ali wins the Thrilla in Manila. And Tuck Beckstoffer piled into a faux wood-paneled Ford Country Squire station wagon with the rest of hs family, bound for America's oenological paradise, the Napa Valley.

The Seventy-Five Wine Company was founded to perpetuate and honor the inspiration of that landmark year.